Which Course is Good for Me?

New to the Kodály approach? The Taste of Kodály introductory course (July 10-14 8:30 am-12:00 pm) allows you experience the possibilities first hand. Experience how the Kodály program improves your own musicianship skills.  Be inspired as you observe students in Kodály-style music classes and choir rehearsals. Take away a collection of new songs, games, dances and activities for your classroom.

Want to observe young people in music class and choir rehearsals? Observation of the FaySummer Choir Camp (July 17-21 8:30 am-12:00 pm) allows you to have a front row seat watching master Kodály teachers in action.

Do you direct a choir?  In the cafeteria? Without a piano? Choir Conductor’s Heaven includes:

Choral Music Repertoire and Strategies with Dr. Alyson Shirk, Artistic Director of the American Kodály Children’s Chorus, (July 5, 6, 7 12:00-5:00 pm.)  Enjoy three days of Kodály inspired choral exploration with conductor and teacher, Dr. Alyson Shirk. Learn how ear-training and score notation reading can empower your singers to read proficiently and joyfully sing in tune. Expand your use of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic rehearsal techniques to engage your choir’s focus and attention. Learn strategies that will transform your rehearsal into an integrative environment for a healthy voice and blended and balanced choral sound. Come away with accessible choral gems for unison, two part, SSA, SAB and SATB choirs that will enhance your choral programming, grip your students, and delight your audiences.


Choir Conductor’s Toolbox with Gabor Virágh and David Hodgkins; (July 5, 6, 7, 8 8:00 am- 12pm)  Conductors rehearse ear-training and conducting skills using full scores in this exciting team-taught course.

Ready to take the Kodály Levels I, II, III and earn the Kodály Music Teaching Certificate? Sharpen your musicianship and conducting skills and learn how to use the most beautiful music to take your students’ skills to the next level. Choral Music Repertoire and Strategies comprises 1 credit of the 6 credit Levels I, II, III.

Finished with your Kodály Certificate and wish to continue your studies?

Post-Certificate Refresher in Conducting, Solfège, Pedagogy; work with KMI faculty to design your own course of study during the KMI session July 5-21.

In need of a Master of Education with Kodály Music Emphasis or Graduate Credits towards salary lane changes?  Credits are awarded by Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA at an additional fee of $100 per credit. All credits may be transferred to the Anna Maria College Masters of Education degree.