Kodály Music Teaching Certificate


The Kodály Music Institute offers graduate study in four levels of increasingly complex skill development in musicianship, musicology, conducting, and pedagogy. This course is appropriate for college performance majors, K-12 music teachers, solfège instructors, choral conductors, church musicians, supervisors and arts administrators.

KMI offers two Certificates, the Standard Certificate and the Certificate with Distinction. The Certificate with Distinction is required for anyone going on to earn a Master of Education with Kodály Music Emphasis from Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA.

The KMI Music Teaching Certificates exceed the requirements and are nationally endorsed by the Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE) and internationally recognized by the International Kodály Society (IKS.)

Graduate credits from Anna Maria College may be purchased with an additional fee. Credits may be applied towards a Masters Degree in Education with Kodály Music Emphasis at Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA.


Pre-requisite: Bachelor’s Degree in Music, Performance, Education or related work.

18 Credits fulfilling Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE) requirements

Levels I, II, III each comprise 6 Graduate Credits:

  • Conducting                                                         1 Graduate Credit or 22.5 hours
  • Solfège                                                                 1 Graduate Credit or 22.5 hours
  • Pedagogy, Annotated Song Collection           2 Graduate Credits or 45 hours
  • Repertoire and Strategies                                1 Graduate Credit or 22.5 hours
  • KMI Choir rehearsals and performance       1 Graduate Credit or 22.5 hours

Additional Requirements:

Levels I, II, III: Pedagogy Curriculum Project

Between Levels II and III: Video of a lesson using Kodály Pedagogy and Materials. In lieu of video, the participant may request to have a KMI mentor personally observe and document a lesson for an additional fee. This option is usually available only for local participants residing in New England and for people who work in a school or organization that does not allow videotaping of students, and will include additional fees for transportation costs of the mentor.

Level III: Capstone project of an annotated Song Collection and Retrieval System Data Base for the Certificate with Distinction, exit examinations, Conducting and Pedagogy Labs.

Level IV:  Annotated Song Collection for those wishing to earn a Certificate with Distinction who did not finish the Song Collection during the Level III year.